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Allow us to introduce to you @realpinksweats! Honesty music video right here:

And @familybvsiness just released the best EP in 2018. Calling it now. 😲

Other great EPs released by @JColeNC @nas @DaveEast @therealstylesp @therealstylesp @REALSHEEKLOUCH! πŸ”₯

@CrookedIntriago this group is the mother fucking shit! 🎀

Album of the year?! What a ride!!! This year in hip hop has been a blessing!

πŸ’½ @LupeFiasco- Drogas Wave 🌊

Without warning Eminem drops new record Kamikaze!

This dude is incredible with the bars. Follow @iamKingLos here and on Instagram. He posts freestyles often and has an album in the works.

New story about some Death Row history! Behind the scenes stuff through the perspective of @CrookedIntriago
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Randy Tolson ✊🏾✊🏿✊🏻✊🏼 @RandolphTolson
I gotta hear this as a fan of Hip Hop this is some history! I'm supporting this podcast on @anchor check it out here:

Artist : @CrookedIntriago
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