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  • This is your fork in the road - A Mixtape That Changes Lives

    HOPE: A Mixtape That Changes Lives

    Hi, my name is Randy and I’m the DJ for That New New Radio. Allow me to introduce you to a mixtape that changes lives. I hope that this Mixtape brings you love, hope, and understanding which will lead…

  • Get Familiar : Coachella 2018

    Our Coachella 2018 Sampler

    For those who have an interest in going to Coachella this year we have a playlist for you! We gathered five top songs from each artist on the 2018 lineup! This is a great way for you to find…

  • Featured Artists 2017

    Introducing That New New Radio’s Featured Artists 2017. As music is released throughout the year That New New Radio will select artists that are standing out to us. Sometimes it’s for a really impressive single and sometimes it’s for…