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3 weeks ago
Without warning Eminem drops new record Kamikaze!
4 weeks ago
This dude is incredible with the bars. Follow @iamKingLos here and on Instagram. He posts freestyles often and has an album in the works.
4 weeks ago
New story about some Death Row history! Behind the scenes stuff through the perspective of @CrookedIntriago
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Randy Tolson ✊🏾✊🏿✊🏻✊🏼 @RandolphTolson
I gotta hear this as a fan of Hip Hop this is some history! I'm supporting this podcast on @anchor check it out here:

Artist : @CrookedIntriago
2 months ago
Still woke? Just read the lyrics out loud. @donaldglover is coming through for everything and everyone. 7 billion people deep. 🌞 🌍🌎
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