• HOPE: A Mixtape That Changes Lives

    This is your fork in the road - A Mixtape That Changes Lives

    Hi, my name is Randy and I’m the DJ for That New New Radio. Allow me to introduce you to a mixtape that changes lives. I hope that this Mixtape brings you love, hope, and understanding which will lead you to peace. On this Martin Luther King Jr day, I try to honor his dream which became our dream. Until our dying day we will move toward creating a world where children anywhere and everywhere can be born and raised in true equality.

    Getting the words to you is not the miracle but how you respond to those words could be. For this reason I put it together while imagining it to be a play or opera.

    HOPE - A Mixtape That Changes Lives
    HOPE – A Mixtape That Changes Lives

    Why did I create this mixtape?

    Because I still have hope. I hope for those who are hopeless and I have hope for those who do not know they need it themselves. I stand with the millions of lives fighting every day to make humanity a more loving compassionate race. There are people trying so hard to reach your heart. They pray to your soul and spirit for recognition. Getting the words to you is not the miracle, how you respond to them could be. For this reason I put it together while imagining it to be a play or opera.

    These are my personal experiences with music over the past year. There are stories on how I discovered each artist and why I chose them. Some of these stories can be found on the article explaining the Featured Artists album of 2017.

    How was this mixtape created?

    During 2017 I picked out a few artists that I wanted to show off and highlight as part of my new radio station project. See in 2014 I, with the help of a couple of friends, had previously ran a small website and Facebook group called Always[sic]. It was focused on introducing people to new music, particularly new and widely undiscovered artists. When I came across the Anchor.fm platform I decided to form a new incarnation of this idea. It would be in the form of showcasing new music as it is released, over the air.

    As a habit formed the year prior, I created a playlist on Spotify of new music that I enjoyed or was inspired by. When looking for ideas for programming content for my new radio station I decided to borrow from the idea of my yearly playlist and choose one artist to represent as a featured artist each month of the year. Since there are 14 artists on the Featured Artist 2017 playlist you can tell I couldn’t just pick 12. 2017 was an incredible year for music.

    The Details

    I tried to take 3 songs from each artist (2 new and 1 old) and place them in a way that a narrative was told and it was a journey to be had. Sometimes sad, sometimes scary, sometimes happy, and sometimes hopeful. The experience is meant to be a hand extended to those that wish to hold it in solidarity. What is so interesting about it: is how well so many different artists from different places in life and cultures could come together and provide a very human experience. I hope you enjoy it and share it with your friends and family and strangers.


    Keep yourself tuned into That New New Radio live on Anchor or Spotify and we’ll get you more music.

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