• HOPE: A Mixtape That Changes Lives

    This is your fork in the road - A Mixtape That Changes Lives

    Hi, my name is Randy and I’m the DJ for That New New Radio. Allow me to introduce you to a mixtape that changes lives. I hope that this Mixtape brings you love, hope, and understanding which will lead you to peace. On this Martin Luther King Jr day, I try to honor his dream which became our dream. Until our dying day we will move toward creating a world where children anywhere and everywhere can be born and raised in true equality.

    Getting the words to you is not the miracle but how you respond to those words could be. For this reason I put it together while imagining it to be a play or opera.

    HOPE - A Mixtape That Changes Lives
    HOPE – A Mixtape That Changes Lives

    Why did I create this mixtape?

    Because I still have hope. I hope for those who are hopeless and I have hope for those who do not know they need it themselves. I stand with the millions of lives fighting every day to make humanity a more loving compassionate race. There are people trying so hard to reach your heart. They pray to your soul and spirit for recognition. Getting the words to you is not the miracle, how you respond to them could be. For this reason I put it together while imagining it to be a play or opera.

    These are my personal experiences with music over the past year. There are stories on how I discovered each artist and why I chose them. Some of these stories can be found on the article explaining the Featured Artists album of 2017.

    How was this mixtape created?

    During 2017 I picked out a few artists that I wanted to show off and highlight as part of my new radio station project. See in 2014 I, with the help of a couple of friends, had previously ran a small website and Facebook group called Always[sic]. It was focused on introducing people to new music, particularly new and widely undiscovered artists. When I came across the Anchor.fm platform I decided to form a new incarnation of this idea. It would be in the form of showcasing new music as it is released, over the air.

    As a habit formed the year prior, I created a playlist on Spotify of new music that I enjoyed or was inspired by. When looking for ideas for programming content for my new radio station I decided to borrow from the idea of my yearly playlist and choose one artist to represent as a featured artist each month of the year. Since there are 14 artists on the Featured Artist 2017 playlist you can tell I couldn’t just pick 12. 2017 was an incredible year for music.

    The Details

    I tried to take 3 songs from each artist (2 new and 1 old) and place them in a way that a narrative was told and it was a journey to be had. Sometimes sad, sometimes scary, sometimes happy, and sometimes hopeful. The experience is meant to be a hand extended to those that wish to hold it in solidarity. What is so interesting about it: is how well so many different artists from different places in life and cultures could come together and provide a very human experience. I hope you enjoy it and share it with your friends and family and strangers.


    Keep yourself tuned into That New New Radio live on Anchor or Spotify and we’ll get you more music.

  • That New New Radio’s 2017 Broadcast

    As we come to the end of the year we have completed our first broadcast!

    Season 1 didn’t have an entire 365 days in it but we did play 1,307 songs in our 2017 broadcast. We had a great time and appreciate all of our hundreds of new fans on Spotify and Anchor as well as our existing several hundred fans from our previous incarnation Always[sic]! It’s a beautiful thing when people can come together to celebrate music!

    You can listen to the playlist below or open it in your Spotify app by clicking here.

    Here’s a breakdown of what genres released new music on our 2017 broadcast:

    There was a lot of great EDM music released this year as well as Rap and Pop! The track list is so diverse that you can find Eminem, Frédéric Chopin, alt-J, and Florida Georgia Line in there.

    That New New Radio Complete 2017 Broadcast Statistics

    It’s a been a fun year to say the least!

    Throughout the year we’ve featured contests, throwback Thursdays, and king of the hill competition. One of the biggest winners of the king of the hill promotion was Maroon 5’s “What Lovers Do (feat. SZA)” with over a 5 day streak! What was your favorite part of our 2017 broadcast? What are you most excited about in 2018? Let us know by calling in on Anchor!

    You can listen to it here:


    You can follow our current Spotify broadcast for 2018 here. Out of the entire year we picked out a handful of artist that we placed into a Featured Album and we even took it a step further and created a good old-fashioned mix-tape (cassette style baby) with three tracks from each of those featured artists. When creating that mix-tape we tried to create a narrative/story from the songs as if they were actually intended to be apart of this one piece of art.

  • Our Coachella 2018 Sampler

    Get Familiar : Coachella 2018

    For those who have an interest in going to Coachella this year we have a playlist for you! We gathered five top songs from each artist on the 2018 lineup! This is a great way for you to find out which artists you are going to see. Because Coachella is so big it is impossible to see everyone but you can get creative. For the weekend you are NOT going you can watch the live stream and catch the acts that you miss live. Share with your feastival groups and friends!

    Listen to the Coachella 2018 Sampler Now

    Below is the first 200 tracks off the sampler. For the full lineup please open in Spotify.

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    Be sure to check out our Featured Artists 2017, HOPE: A Mixtape That Changes Lives, and our Complete 2017 Broadcast!

  • Featured Artists 2017

    Introducing That New New Radio’s Featured Artists 2017.

    As music is released throughout the year That New New Radio will select artists that are standing out to us. Sometimes it’s for a really impressive single and sometimes it’s for an incredible album release. The original goal was to comprise the featured list of lesser-known up and coming acts. Due to the incredible year for music 2017 was we decided to disregard how successful an artist was and rather focus on the music being delivered.

    Before we start we must warn you that we will be mentioning a Deluxe Edition quite a bit throughout the article. It’s pretty incredible.

    Kendrick Lamar

    Kendrick Lamar – DAMN.

    He started off the year releasing The Heart Part 4 which was warning everyone to get their priorities straight before his album drops. He was making everyone aware the upcoming release is going to be serious.

    “I’ll let y’all worry about a list I’m on some other shit”

    DAMN. dropped and was indeed serious. This entire album, front to back and back to front is an experience that everyone should have in their life. Kung-Fu Kenny separates himself from the rest of the industry by letting us know that he isn’t motivated by the things his peers or competition is motivated by. He illustrates why he isn’t driven by being the best just to be the best, he’s got things he wants to say and accomplish in the world. He takes large notice of the world as it is today and the many problems that plagues it.  If you were fortunate enough to catch the live stream of Coachella 2017 or lucky enough to be there in person you would have witnessed this man perform one of the best hip hop concerts ever. The stage setup was bananas, the setlist was insane, and the delivery was pure mastery.

    For our list we would have put the entire album if we could, and it’s because of this that we made a Deluxe Edition  which features 3 tracks from each artist. Since Kendrick saw so much attention from the singles released this year we chose to add a song that wasn’t released as a single: FEEL. “Ain’t nobody praying for me” the track starts out chanting between Kenny’s voice and Chelsea Blythe’s voice. FEEL. highlights the pressure he feels in his position in this world that wants so much of people but gives little back.


    Mystery Skulls

    Mystery Skulls – One of Us

    The single “Music” released by the Mystery Skulls couldn’t have had better timing. With all the reasons listed throughout the track are the benefits of music and we couldn’t agree more. When times are the worst, at least there’s always music. His Spotify bio reads as this:

    “Following a steady two years of touring behind 2014 debut Forever- a #1 hit on the iTunes dance chart- Mystery Skulls has now shared souful pop odyssey One of Us. For this follow-up, the genre-bending mastermind built upon his sonic tapestry of soul, house, disco and R&B, while zeroing in on a single “Big Brother”-esque concept: following the relationship of two underground-lowlife residents in a dystopian world as they fight to escape shadowy forces exerting control over society. Joyful lead single “Music” previews the album by declaring that, even in the worst of times, at least there will always be melodies that lift us higher.”

    We were more than happy to include Mystery Skulls on our Featured Artist list as well as the Deluxe Edition where we could add the tracks One of Us and Forever.


    Joey Bada$$

    Joey Bada$$ – ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$

    Whoa. Have you heard this album yet? Stop reading and go listen. It’s okay we’ll wait. LAND OF THE FREE is probably the track of the year… or decade… or century.

    “Can’t change the world unless we change ourselves, die from the sicknesses if we don’t seek the health.”

    This track is just… wow. You should take recognition. What an incredible way to put the listener in perspective. We’ll have our kids listen to this and explain to them the truths being shared here.

    The album is so good that it was a difficult choice to just pick one song so we included TEMPTATION on our Deluxe Edition. That songs intro and outro had us screaming in tears and anger, its hard to ignore when a child notices how fucked up this world is.



    Gorillaz - Humanz
    Gorillaz – Humanz

    After waiting for seven years and several rumors the Gorillaz are back with their album Humanz. It’s one of their best records and features a large cast of help: Vince Staples, Peven Everett, Popcaan, De La Soul, Danny Brown, Kelela, Grace Jones, DRAM, Anthony Hamilton, Mavis Staples, Pusha T, Jamie Principle, Zebra Katz, Kali Uchis, Benjamin Clementine, Jehnny Beth, Rag’n’Bone Man, RAY BLK, Kilo Kish, Imani Vonsha, Carly Simon, and Brandon Markell Holmes.

    Rebels rejoice, for this album is the fucking anthem! For our featured album we chose to add Submission (feat. Danny Brown & Kelela) for our interpretation of the track being about the marriage of diverse people that is the United States.

    “There’s got to be a better way, so much that we could make…”

    We were not disappointed and the timing of this album is perfect. Thank you for coming back to us!


    Portugal. The Man

    Portugal. The Man
    Portugal. The Man

    Woodstock is an album that we’ve been looking forward to. If you have ever been to a Portugal. The Man concert than you know that they are intense as fuck. Feel it Still is a track that we love even with the radio overplay, because we legit do feel it still. Due to the overplay of the track we chose another favorite from this album: Live In The Moment, and it is equally loved.

    “My home is a girl who can’t wait for time to tell.

    God only knows we don’t read history.

    When your family swinging from the branches of a tree God only knows we don’t need ghost stories.”

    The above lines insinuate that America has forgotten it’s dark history. So dark in fact, that we don’t need to make up “ghost stories (also a play on KKK outfits)” because real life here can be scary enough as it is. We also believe this is a small reference to the line in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl where Captain Barbossa says to Elizabeth Turner “You’d best start believing in ghost stories, Miss Turner… you’re in one.” The first part of the lyric might be stating how Christian America believes that eventually God will come as promised in Revelation and end the world, but immediately follows with a statement that so called Christian America doesn’t seem like they read Jesus’s story of love and compassion. These two thoughts might point out the hypocrisy in modern Christianity.

    You bet your fucking ass we featured more Portugal. The Man on the Deluxe Edition.


    Above & Beyond

    Above & Beyond - My Own Hymn
    Above & Beyond – My Own Hymn

    This song. Has there ever been a better musical reference to the inner child that exists in us all? Has there been a more desperate time to reach out to that inner child?

    “In the confines of a photograph
    Lives a child who once was me
    Ooh, do you see?
    I still see through those eyes
    Why did you choose to believe bare-faced lies
    And let the troubles of others darken your skies?”

    We were late to the Above & Beyond party, but we’re going to be staying. This track is magnificent and the two others we featured on the Deluxe Edition are just as great!


    Dermot Kennedy

    Dermot Kennedy - Moments Passed
    Dermot Kennedy – Moments Passed

    This song, Moments Passed, demands your attention from the very start. Meet Dermot Kennedy.

    “I found a moment to be brave, so I let her know and she said, “how could I love you back, you who dropped your dreams in the gutter?””

    This song is a reflection on a passed relationship and where it failed. Each verse seems to be a vision or memory that he is haunted with that gets met with the same declaration that he loved this person and that should be enough to count for her to have a halfway decent or partially positive memory of him.

    On the Deluxe Edition we added his viral song “After Rain” and also a song from his amazing EP: Doves & Ravens called “A closeness” to join this powerful track.


    The Midnight

    The Midnight - Nocturnal
    The Midnight – Nocturnal

    Their 3rd album out is fantastic! The best way to describe this band is this: It is released and produced this year but you could take their record and drop it off at any record store’s 80’s section and people would be none the wiser. Crystalline has the theme “Don’t judge a book by it’s Cover” in it’s verses.

    “The problem with believers
    They’ll let anyone in the door
    The problem with deceivers
    Is all the bodies buried under the floor boards”

    Intensely vivid lyrics and synth-wave instrumentals weave a tale of a man who picks up a girl for a one nighter. It turns out she is a killer in bed. The Midnight have made themselves known for epic hard muted drum hitting, sexy saxophone blowing, dreamy vocal serenaded sagas and their EP Nocturnal does not disappoint.


    Girl Blue

    Girl Blue - Dreams
    Girl Blue – Dreams

    There is nothing quite like a fucking good Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks cover. Quite possibly the sharpest “You’re going to miss me when I’m gone” style of song ever written.

    “There you go, you want your freedom.”

    Girl Blue has the voice and confidence to be able to do this song justice. We were even lucky enough to catch a live stream she did on Instagram where she honored our request to hear the song played live acoustic and solo. It was fucking glorious! Arielle, we are very grateful!

    Look for her two very potent tracks “Call Me Home” and “Fire Under Water” on the Deluxe Edition.



    ODESZA - A Moment Apart
    ODESZA – A Moment Apart

    We were in love with them since way before this station was created. Once featuring their single “SAY MY NAME” on our previous site, Always[sic], we were hooked! October 2017 we were lucky enough to see them perform at the Lost Lake Feastival in Phoenix and it was one of those things you can never forget. It seemed as if they put every dollar they made back into their live show!

    That being said this album was a new journey and if you didn’t know already: an ODESZA album is a fucking journey. The title track “A Moment Apart” is the lift off into ODESZA’s beautifully craft universe. Regina Spektor joins them to beg those who have given up or stopped fighting to come back to the front lines and you can hear it on the Deluxe Edition.


    Vince Staples

    Vince Staples - Big Fish Theory
    Vince Staples – Big Fish Theory

    The album Big Fish is one of those that are perfect for sub-woofers and bass. If you have an expensive pair of headphones, you bought them for experiences like this.

    With the 22, 5 shot eyes on scan for the click, clack, clap or the boop, bop, bam, cuz”

    Kendrick Lamar joins on the track “Yeah Right” which we’ve added to our Deluxe Edition. The track directly targets the mentality that rap or hip hop is about how much money you have or any other superficial success stereo types and saying he’s not impressed.  Bring the headphones for that one. Promise us.



    LEON - For You EP
    LEON – For You EP

    We dare you to find a more catchy song from 2017. Her voice makes me feel like Amy Winehouse’s voice made me feel. Swooned up. Sleep Deprived is about a girl who is unable to move on from their previous relationship as easily as their ex-lover. Now that their ex has moved on to a new relationship it’s not their fault that she feels that she was led on… even though they met with her last night. The meeting of infidelity left the girl torn between staying silent and ruining their ex’s betrayed relationship so they could live up to their promises. Hence why she can’t sleep.

    “The way that it burns, glass under my nails
    An itch, I can’t scratch when I hear your name
    My baby got me sleep deprived
    So what you saying, what you saying now?
    When it was we, I played like a child
    But now that it’s gone I’m fucked up inside
    My baby got me sleep deprived
    So what you saying, what you saying now?”

    “I Believe in Us” and “Liar” are both added to and featured on the Deluxe Edition.


    Joyner Lucas

    Joyner Lucas - I'm not racist
    Joyner Lucas – I’m not racist

    The first time we saw the video for “I’m not racist” we immediately added Joyner to the featured artist list. It is a powerful message to the American population about the discussion on racism. This track led us to check out his other work and it, as you might expect, is great. So much that we actually started off our Deluxe Edition with one of Joyner’s songs.

    “Yellin’ “Nigga this” and “Nigga that”
    Call everybody “Nigga” and get a nigga mad
    As soon as I say “Nigga” then everyone react
    And wanna swing at me and call me racist ’cause I ain’t black”

    “Treatin’ everybody how you want and any way how
    I swear North Korea ’bout to bomb us any day now
    And now I’m duckin’ every time I hear a fuckin’ plane now, shit”

    If you haven’t got a chance to see the video you can watch it here.



    Eminem - Revival
    Eminem – Revival

    This is the album we’ve waited his entire career for him to create. As you may already know our DJ has been making freestyle dance videos for his #quitrichchallenge and he was planning on trying to do one for a popular new release. Revival seemed to be a good choice because our DJ fully supported the movement Eminem was being apart of. It didn’t really turn out to be a dance video, rather an emotional experience that commanded much more attention. Revival literally got him to sit down and listen… then get angry… then cry… then laugh while crying. Can’t really say that many albums in the world have had that affect on him. So imagine the pickle we’re in when he has to pick one track when there is so many different emotions attached.

    “I’m packin’ up my shit, as much shit in the car as I can fit
    And I’m just drivin’ as far as I can get
    Away from these problems ’til all of my sorrows I forget
    What’s tomorrow like? ‘Cause tonight I’m startin’ life again
    Get to the corner and stop, fuck am I goin’?
    Besides psycho when I fantasize startin’ my whole life over
    Yeah right, oh and I might go and
    Get hypnotized so I don’t even recognize no one
    I try to look alive because there’s nothin’ like holdin’
    Your head up high when you’re dead inside and I just hide, so in
    Case you’re wonderin’ why my inside’s showin’
    ‘Cause I done spilled all my guts and those are mine so I’m
    Pickin’ them up and stuffin’ them back
    Fuck it, I’ve done enough in this rap shit
    Recovery brought me nothin’ but back
    To right where I was and perhaps
    This coulda been my victory lap, if I wasn’t on the verge of relapse”

    You want to know why we love Eminem? He’s human as fuck. He’s soul. Yeah there’s ego there, like everyone else has if we’re being honest, but there’s a lot more heart than ego. It’s crazy but we have a hunch that he uses his ego to penetrate a tough industry so he can get his heart out there. The Hip Hop Industry lacks a ton of love for itself and that’s why people shy away from it. Have you ever stopped to wonder why Hip Hop is so competitive? It is a HUGE victim of the system. The system doesn’t want people to work together. There isn’t enough money for theses multi-billionaires if we all demanded fair treatment. They didn’t get lucky, the game is engineered to have a few ultra rich and a lot of ultra poor people. Hip Hop, the part that is least love filled, is a reflection of the system. In recent years I feel that the love has been increasing in the culture. Younger generations are spotting the flaws in Hip Hop and making it more effective and focused by replacing the ego with charm.

    That’s only a fraction of what we think about when listening to this album. There are no complaints here, we get a lot out of a Eminem record- especially this one.

    Have you heard Nowhere Fast yet? There’s so many tracks on this record that top Lose Yourself…

    “[Chorus: Kehlani]
    Ashes blowin’ in the air
    The world’s on fire, but we don’t care, yeah
    Wasted youth, always on the road
    Never lookin’ back and we’re never gettin’ old
    ‘Cause the skies are black
    But our heart’s made of gold
    Fuck doin’ what you’re told
    We’re goin’ nowhere fast

    [Verse 1: Eminem]
    I feel sorry for this beat, sympathy pains for this track
    This road is takin’ me back
    Down memory lane with this rap
    I can still look out in this crowd, be wowed and be taken aback
    I’m simply stating a fact
    I had Wembley Stadium packed
    But now we’re on a path headed to nowhere and fast
    Another terrorist attacks
    Like a tariff, blows half of Madison Square up, alas
    We perish in the blast
    But that isn’t scaring us, we pass
    Nowhere we’re fearless, ’cause we’re just—

    [Pre-Chorus: Kehlani & Eminem]
    Ashes blowin’ in the air
    Our world’s on fire, but we don’t care, yeah
    (We don’t give a… no, no)
    Wasted youth, always on the road
    Never lookin’ back and we’re never gettin’ old
    ‘Cause the skies are black
    But our heart’s made of gold (golden)
    Fuck doin’ what you’re told (what we’re told)
    We’re goin’ nowhere fast

    [Post-Chorus: Kehlani]
    ‘Cause we’re goin’ no, goin’ no
    Goin’ no, goin’ no
    Goin no, goin’ nowhere
    We’re on the run of our lives
    Goin’ nowhere fast

    [Verse 2: Eminem]
    Fuck doin’ what you’re told, act like a two-year old
    Shit is soon to go kaboom and blow
    Anyways; for MC’s it’s a funeral
    When I’m devisin’ this rhyme
    ‘Cause I’m awake and you’re mourning
    That’s why I rise and I shine
    Like a new day has dawned on me
    Gusto, guts, bravado
    Nuts and plus I kick up dust and cuss a lot
    I musta got you in somewhat of a debacle
    ‘Cause some stuff that’s awful
    Really don’t mean nothin’ although
    There’s a lot of shit I said in jest that’s tough to swallow
    But if at times my heart it seems
    Like it’s in the wrong place, it’s probably ’cause it’s on my sleeve
    Keanu Reeves speed of life, avoid or veer
    Or just steer toward it, we’re only lookin’ forward
    But where we’re goin’, we have no idea
    Nowhere to go, but hysterical, it’s gettin’ warm in here
    I set the world on fire, was born to be an arsonist
    Just one spark and it’s lit
    But I’ma still get dark on this shit
    Told you I’d leave my mark on this bitch—war machine
    But you forced me in a corner
    I’m sure to have somethin’ for your rear
    And in the course of the assault as torture gets more severe
    Go to war with me, you’ll end up blew to Timbuktu
    I send at you a ten-ton nuke like Kim Jong-Un
    And end up ruinin’ your career
    But when all is said and done
    And at the end of my run I’ll just rewind clocks, forever young
    Make time stop, will I ever fall off? That day will never come
    ‘Til the pine box, bitch, fuck you! I’m better than I ever was
    ‘Til the bomb drops, hope it never does
    But I’m not gonna sweat it ’cause
    This world’s screwed, it’s already fucked
    And I’m on top, so everyone’s just—

    [Chorus: Kehlani & Eminem]
    Ashes blowin’ in the air (so we’re…)
    Our world’s on fire, but we don’t care, yeah
    (We don’t give a… no, no)
    Wasted youth, always on the road
    Never lookin’ back and we’re never gettin’ old
    ‘Cause the skies are black
    But our heart’s made of gold (golden)
    Fuck doin’ what you’re told (what we’re told)
    We’re goin’ nowhere fast

    [Post-Chorus: Kehlani]
    ‘Cause we’re goin’ no, goin’ no
    Goin’ no, goin’ no
    Goin’ no, goin’ nowhere
    We’re on the run of our lives
    Goin’ nowhere fast

    [Bridge: Eminem & Kehlani]
    You can’t tell us nothin’
    Hard-headed and we’re stubborn
    So, one ear and out the other when we’re young, we’re young
    (We’re on the run of our lives)
    Who knows what the future for us could hold
    Another shooter? Uh oh
    (We’re on the run of our lives)
    No more tomorrows, we’re done
    And all we are is—

    [Chorus: Kehlani & & Eminem]
    Ashes blowin’ in the air (so we’re…)
    Our world’s on fire, but we don’t care (don’t care, yeah)
    (We don’t give a… no, no)
    Wasted youth, always on the road
    Never lookin’ back and we’re never gettin’ old
    ‘Cause the skies are black
    But our heart’s made of gold (golden)
    Fuck doin’ what you’re told (what we’re told)
    We’re goin’ nowhere fast

    [Post-Chorus: Kehlani]
    ‘Cause we’re goin’ no, goin’ no
    Goin’ no, goin’ no
    Goin’ no, goin’ nowhere
    We’re on the run of our lives
    Goin’ nowhere fast”

    About that Deluxe Edition: it’s here.